You Can Step Up With Purpose

Everyone has a talent or a gift they can use and cultivate to add value to their lives. Though for many, their talents remain untapped, mostly because of their mindset.

Many people believe society is unfair and structured not to favor them because they do not know how to utilize their talents in a way that it beneficial to them to enhance their lives. Negative belief systems keep their potential trapped. You are defined by your thoughts. Those thoughts lead to actions that can make or mar our quality of life. Those thoughts determine how far you go in life or how well you live.

How To Step Up With Purpose was birthed with the objective of helping women tap into their inner gifts and transform their lives. The program intends to expose the limitless possibilities of the mind and its enigmatic potentials.

It is a project conceptualized and founded in September 2015, by Latina Sabb, to empower the women who choose to make bold changes in their lives. It leverages diverse values, virtues, and principles that soar you to new heights. This is done by using Godly principles to stir a new consciousness within their hearts - The consciousness of creativity, healthy thought, healthy living, and above all, living self-fulfilled life.

Latina Sabb is a veteran of the United States Air Force. She is currently a civil servant in Columbia, South Carolina. She decided to start the amazing Step Up With Purpose after God revealed her own purpose; helping women become who and what they want to be. The process was not exactly easy. Latina struggled with her own limiting beliefs but ultimately overcame them because she knew she was doing exactly what she was called to do. She knows first hand how the wrong beliefs and thoughts can sway you from taking action and feeling defeated. She will guide you and give you the tools needed to start walking in your purpose.

The program is structured to last 6 weeks. Upon its conclusion, it is expected that you are prepared to take a leap from where you are currently to where you are created to be. Courses explore bible standards, principles, virtues and values that recreate your mind from pessimistic views to optimistic. Also to embrace positive growth, opportunities, and creativity.

Discussions are usually done in groups. Participants engage in guided discussions, personal reflections, and activities. All these are geared towards exploring transformation principles which helps you reach your peak. During the course of study, you will be directed on how to make decisions that improve your relationship with God, your family, your career, finances, and health. You will be taught how to be in charge of your life, thoughts and other habits that can ruin people who leave them unchecked.

Step Up With Purpose partners Church, women support groups, girls scout, women, community initiatives among others.

Weekly sessions explore topics such as:

"What Are You Waiting For?"

"As A Man Thinketh"

"Write The Vision, Make It Plain"

"Get Her Done"

"The Power of Partnerships"

"The Power To Get Wealth"

Most people do not understand thought defines you. It is said, "As a man thinketh, so is he”. If you allow the right thoughts to flood your heart and mind, success is inevitable. Once the mental blocks are dealt with, everything will begin to fall into place. Do not hold the belief that those who reach their peak in life and business are extremely lucky. You too can live the life you want, you may just require the right guidance.

As a result of negative belief systems, many have missed glaring opportunities which could have placed them on the right path. Many times we turn down opportunities because we are scared, think we are not capable or worried what others will think if we “step outside our box”. These are all examples of limiting beliefs and negative thoughts, in which the program will help you work through.

Success is not a wishful daydream. It requires consistent effort, which you continue to push until you turn your dreams to realities; your visions of material success. The story of many great people today did not start as fairy tales. In some cases, they are stories of pains, fears, dreams, hope, faith, and consistency. Success is available to those who desire it, embrace it and work towards achieving it.

Step Up With Purpose is centered on the vision that God created every woman to reach her peak in life by contributing her talents and gifts to make the world a better place. Such contribution can only come when a woman discovers herself, her potentials and inherent qualities that make her a co-creator and co-worker of God for great accomplishments. Step Up With Purpose targets the women's mind, body, and soul as tools of personal advancement and self-rediscovery.

There is always more for you; that is God's plan for His daughters. Step Up With Purpose is created to reinforce this belief within your heart of hearts. It is tailored to feed your consciousness that limitation is a menace that uses fear, depression, anxiety, and negativity as its warring tools.

You are not taught to become a super-woman overnight, but you are stirred to start becoming one. A woman who sees challenges as a stepping stone to greatness. A woman who takes charge and mastery of her life, her thoughts, and her affairs. A conscious co-worker with God who lives an impactful life.

Step Up With Purpose will help you to achieve your full potentials This is made possible when you work through the necessary steps towards holistic health, mind, body, and soul. At Step Up With Purpose, you are told not to be like other woman, but to be the best of what you need to be.